Monday, February 23, 2009

Empowering You! ...Your Host Gina Julie

Crystal Embers 100% accurate in 37 consecutive readings offered on Paranormal 101. Her readings are known both for their astonishing accuracy and for the loving and wise way in which they’re delivered. Crystal, the host of Paranormal 101’s new show on Sunday nights, brings the story of how she developed her abilities to Empowering You! And yes, she’ll be offering free readings to our callers; we suggest you call 347-884-9791 early to secure your spot. Crystal and host Gina Julie will also offer tandem readings; Gina comes from a long line of psychics and offers spot-on loving intuitive consultations. An increasingly necessary tool for self-empowerment is intuition, and these two offer their intuitive gifts in service. Don’t miss the chance to be read by these two. @ 8:00pm EST Call in for Free Readings @ 347-884-9791 on 2/23/2009

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