Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wow ....This is a New Year 2010 !!!!!

Where do I begin ?

New year and new life for me. So much has happened since I wrote last. Let's start with my house of 52 years . I lived in this house for 45 of those years. We put my mom in the nursing home which was such a hard thing for me to do . I had been a caretaker for my mother and my step father who pass away in my home . My mother is doing well there and seem to be doing so much better.

My mom was pack rat. My house was a 6 bedroom 3 bath home . It was to much for me to take care of . After my mom was placed I knew it was to big of a home for me and my daughter. We looked for houses that would be good for my needs to move in to and have a fresh start.

My cousin was my Realtor so she knew what I needed. I wanted a first floor and I needed two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms . Plus, I had all my own applicances that I wanted to take with me .
Well it is interesting how spirit has guided me every step of my journey.

My cousin was taking me to see this place in Blackwood that I did not want to move back to. When she pick me up she said that she had another place to just look at. So I said sure let's take a look . Well this was my place. I could bring all my applicances and have storaged space. Which was perfect for what I needed .

So I said go for it and see how this works out. Up to this point there was always something that did not work out. So I turn it over to spirit and gave it up and trusted if it was right for me it was going to happened.

Guess what it worked and I am starting to enjoying living in a condo. This has been a real change for me . I realized it had to happen to change the energy that had been keeping me back all these years .

I lived in the basement of my home for many years and from a Feng Shui point of view. This was not good for me to move forward with my life . I needed to move and change the energy of this home. This was the house my father built so I had so many emotions. I cried a lot of tears.

Knowing the change was good for me. I welcome it but did not know how I was going to do this from a health stand point . I had two knee replacement about 6 years ago. I have fallen and detached the part from the cement in my knee. The pain was horrible . I could not do a lot to pack and get ready to move. This looked like the biggest mountain to climb . I honestly did not know how to do this.

I turned this over to Spirit ! Again Spirit came threw for me once again. I have another cousin who I haven't talk to in a very long time . Called me a 12:00 am in the morning to ask me if she could buy the curtains in my house in the living room she loved them.

I said you can have them . She asked how are you going to move I told her I have No idea . She said she and her daughter would come down and help me and get me set up . At least the kitchen and the bathrooms were done. Then the rest is easier to do . If we get tired we can just get the bed done and ready to sleep. Then go box by box. Now this was my sister who pass away coming threw my cousin to help me . I believe this to be true.

With all this going on , I get another miracle and my Spiritual Sister's offer me a trip to Pittsburg where she grew up and to go see her mom . Then we would go to a class that we both wanted to go and I did not have the money to do this . The Miracles were my spiritual friends offered me money to do this trip. Everything was taken care of. Wow, this was out of my comfort zone.

I appreciated this class and this whole trip. I had to put my ego in a big suit case and let spirit take care of me . Wow, what a experiance this was for me. I believe not only did I learn how to douse . I learn how to let go and trust. I will be taken care of Big shift of energy for me. I always had my own money and this time not so much. Then another Miracle happened . Another Spiritual Sister gave me more money for the trip . I was able to take my spiritual sister out for a nice dinner and a boat ride on me . I felt so good to be able to do this for her with love. My spiritual sister had done so much for me. I was feeling bad I could not do anything for her. Here another Miracle I felt so Blessed .

Spirit really pushed me to my limit and I took the Challenged . I am so happy and Empowered because I trusted . This all happened before I moved and than when I came home from my trip. The big moved happened . I had mover pack for me and they move my things . It all work out better than I had anticipated.

When you trust Spirit you can Never go wrong!