Saturday, November 1, 2008

Operations Teddy Bear Care !

I have recently joined the Operation Teddy Bear Care . I feel this is a wonderful way to give to the children in Africa who are suffering with HIV/ Aids . This is a opportunity to be able to put smiles on children faces when they receive these beautiful bears and cookies .

As one of my gifts: I have bought 6 bears and with the bears they get cookies. This will go to 6 children in Africa who are suffering with HIV/AIDS. What a beautiful gift this will be to get 6 children who are less fortunate to smile when they get their bears and cookies . What a magical idea. I want to thank Cami Walker and BJ . I challenge anyone who reads this to join this loving journey of giving with me and Give to the children in Africa who need our love and support !

Go to: Operations Teddy Bear Care ! We need (921) more Teddy Bears are challenged is (1000) Bears before Christmas ! Please Lets do this for the kids !

Peace , Love and Abundance to all .

I have recently joined . This is where you give 29gifts in 29 days . You give one gift away every day for 29 days . Why ? You have to change your world . This has been a wonderful journey I am now on . I feel very blessed to be in this challenged .

Everyday I feel so good giving something to someone . I have given money to a hug . It is also very exciting to get creative with giving . We have left over candy from Halloween . I have decided to put the extra candy in little bags and bring them to a church or a place where their are kids,who did not have a Halloween and bring them the candy . This feels so good to do something nice for others and children less fortunate. I challenge you to join this wonderful life changing experience . With one Gift a time . Go to:

Peace ,Love and Abundance to all !