Monday, February 16, 2009

Empowering You! ...Your Host Gina Julie

Empowering You!

My mentor and friend, Victoria Pendragon, has done what most might call impossible. She has brought forth the power of self-love to heal from the progressively crippling disease called Progressive Systemic Sclerosis (more commonly known as Scleroderma). She has triumphed over a horrific past to shine her light brightly today as a teacher of Feng Shui, an Angelic healing modality called Igili, Tarot, and now her new healing modality called Sleep Works, designed to heal and love the self during dream state. It is my great honor to introduce you to someone who has changed my life in so many ways, including connecting me with my spiritual sister Sheryl Lynn, host of Glow With The Flow. Please join Victoria and me for an empowering chat on Empowering You! 2/17/2009 @ 7:00pm EST

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