Friday, December 5, 2008

My New Show !

I am proud to announce my first show on www. . Empowering You ! ..... Your Host Gina Julie . This show is on 12/9/08 at 6:00pm . I am very excited to interview a Beautiful women and a Earth Angel to me , Jena Campbell . We are going to discuss how Jena created a dream that became a reality . You want to join us in this amazing journey from a little girl who wanted to go to Africa and help the children . Now a women at 26 years old spend 4 months working in a Orphanage in Africa. Jena will be sharing her experiences with us on her amazing journey . It is such a beautiful story of how dreams do come true . I invite you to come and join us for an hour of Jena trials and tribulations to make her dreams come true .
I am very excited to do my show . Jena has touch my life and so many others with her love. I was so inspired with her letters that she sent to us from Africa . She is truly a Earth Angel doing Angels work . I invite you to call in and ask Jena questions . You do not want to miss this wonderful story of Jena Campbell journey to Africa !

I want to wish you all Peace love and abundance !

Gina Julie

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