Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Empowering You! ...Your Host Gina Julie

How are you doing, my friend? Are you up to here with the stresses of your life? Have you lost your joy, your balance, your peace of mind? Then have we got a show for you! My co-host Sheryl Lynn and I have been caregiving for our sick and aging relatives for many years. We’ve both learned how not to do it, and now we’re sharing our tips for living strong, living healthy, living joyful and living vibrant lives with you! Caregiving isn’t just about people meeting the physical and emotional needs of friends/family members/animals; each of us is a caregiver for ourselves and for our planet, as well as for our friends and our family members. Get ready for an upbeat, information-packed hour of ideas offered in love to help you stay strong!

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