Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Empowering You! ...Your Host Gina Julie

Nine Roses For Chelsea; a spiritual journey, is not just a book written by another guest. It's a story I've lived along with author and CrystalClearSpeaks host, Glow With The Flow's Sheryl Lynn. She and I are spiritual sisters, sharing each other's lives for the past eight years. Her master teacher, a Norwegian Elkhound named Chelsea, has also changed my life, even sending me a dearly cherished dog I never asked for three years after she passed! Chelsea taught me to trust my connection with Spirit; she also showed me how to be an empowered female. She turned someone who never bothered much with dogs into a committed dog lover, whether I wanted to be or not. I invite you to join me and Sheryl Lynn as we celebrate the amazing story and soulmate love shared by a human and an animal for ten years in the physical and five years and counting in the spiritual in a special Empowering You! Sheryl Lynn, Nine Roses for Chelsea, Empowering You!, Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer


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